The SmartScripts System ensures you of what’s most important to your health — the accuracy and safety of your medications..

— Samantha Zoske, R.Ph., Co-founder

SmartScripts is more than an easy way to take daily medications. As a fully licensed pharmacy, SmartScripts’ team of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are committed to providing the safest and most accurate method of coordinating, preparing, dispensing and delivering medications to your door. Once you enroll, SmartScripts takes care of the rest.

Medication Synchronization

SmartScripts reviews medication profiles and works with insurance providers so all refills occur on the same day each month.

Medication Review

When prescriptions are received, SmartScripts’ pharmacists review medications to ensure the best product with no duplications or interactions.

Automated Dispensing

Certified pharmacy technicians enter data into a highly sophisticated automated dispensing system that prepares medications, supplements and vitamins in prepackaged pouches that are sealed together on a single roll and perforated for ease of use.

Quality Control Check

Each SmartScripts product is checked by a pharmacist and sent through an image recognition scanner to ensure accuracy.


Medications are delivered to your door free of charge.


Once in the SmartScripts system, refills are automatically delivered to you when needed.

Start simplifying your life today.

  • Allows seniors to better manager their daily medications.
  • Provides caregivers with the peace of mind that the right medications are taken at the right time.
  • Reduces multiple pill bottles to one convenient strip for travelers.
  • Assures parents of students away from home that they are taking their needed medications.