Packaging medications on a single roll makes it easier for patients to take the right pills at the right time.

— Todd Thompson, R.Ph., SmartScripts Co-founder and CEO

A story about solving an everyday problem for patients.
SmartScripts founder and CEO Todd Thompson, R.Ph., noticed his aunt struggling with multiple pill bottles and daily pill organizers. Realizing that poor medication adherence could result in a trip to the hospital, he set out to help his aunt and others trying to manage their daily medication regimen. His solution was SmartScripts, a state-of-the-art regimen management system that is making the difference in health of patients.

A story about caring for patients. The SmartScripts story doesn’t stop with the company’s commitment to innovation. SmartScripts is also committed to delivering patients the highest degree of personalized service. Like a traditional pharmacy, SmartScripts pharmacists and pharmacy technicians take time to get to know all patients and their medication histories. Patients are on a first name basis with staff members who are always available to answer questions and respond to requests.

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